Saturday, October 17, 2015

"Jesus, Pope Francis, and a Protestant Walk Into a Bar" --A Review

     This short treatise on Pope Francis and ecumenism is a must read for all believers. The authors examine Pope Francis' more open-minded views, his humility, his Christlike love, and his laser focus on living the gospel message. They challenge their readers to examine their own beliefs, and each chapter provides thought provoking questions to promote interfaith dialogue. In a world where thousands of Christian denominations not only exist but thrive, in which people of faith sometimes bunker down in their own denominations where they don't hear opposing views, and in a world where religious wars have been fought for centuries, promoting church unity is not only helpful but absolutely essential. I believe the authors have laid out a wonderful path to bringing people of faith together in common bond. "Jesus, Pope Francis, and a Protestant Walk into a Bar" is meant to be used as a small group study, but individuals can also benefit from reading it. A slow, careful reading and giving myself time to ponder each chapter's message allowed me to get the most out of this book. I pray the book can spark a flame for unity within the church. Thank you Netgalley and John Knox Press for the advance reader copy of the book in exchange for my honest opinion.

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